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Why Partner with Marchi Real Estate Partners?

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Approach to Investing

Protect against the downside. This is the essential element in our philosophy. As a partner you place a great deal of trust in us. You rely on us to provide secure long-term income from your investments. You rely on us to buy “right,” execute a sound business plan, know when to refinance or sell in order to preserve and grow your capital. It is of the utmost importance to us that we fulfill our obligations to you. Every decision we make is driven by the responsibilities to deliver for you, our partner.

Marchi Real Estate Partners, led by the firm’s founder Dean Marchi will often review hundreds of opportunities for every one that we act on. We focus on those in emerging markets, which we define as markets that will outperform national averages. Within these markets we identify properties which enjoy high barriers to competition or that enjoy unique advantages within their submarket. Underlying these advantages we look for properties where we can mitigate risks and add value through our ability to fix financial, physical, operational and marketing problems.

Once a property is repositioned and stabilized we will refinance and return proceeds to our partners. On occasion when the market assigns a higher value than we do we will sell. In this circumstance we intend to use a 1031 tax deferred exchange to mitigate a capital gains taxable event.

Why Partner with Marchi Real Estate Partners?

Dean Marchi strives diligently to maintain a high standard on behalf of our partners in order to provide the following benefits:

  • Attractive current cash distributions
  • Long term capital appreciation
  • Low risk of loss of capital
  • Protection against inflation
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Possible tax deferred distributions upon refinancing
  • Favorable long-term capital gains tax rate upon sale
  • Tax deferral of gain on sale when proceeds are invested in other real estate using a 1031 tax deferred exchange upon sale
  • Estate tax savings attributable to a minority interest discount based on IRS acceptance of lack of marketability of non-publicly traded interest in real estate investments.
Dean Marchi (R), founder, Robert Marchi (L) and Lorenzo Marchi (painting)

Robert Marchi (L), Dean Marchi (R), founder and Lorenzo Marchi (painting)

Not all Marchi Real Estate Partners investments provide tax advantage benefits. There is no assurance that there will not be legislative or administrative changes in the tax law that may adversely affect the tax benefits of real estate investments.

All investments including those in real estate, involve risk, which may include property market and interest rate fluctuations and illiquidity. Therefore, a comprehensive evaluation and detailed review of all investment documents, including the private placement memorandum, the sole means for offering and Marchi Real Estate Partners sponsored investments to qualified and Accredited Investors should be undertaken before deciding whether to make such an investment.

What is an Accredited Investor?

An investment in a Marchi Real Estate Partners offering is suitable only for individuals, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, trusts or other entities of adequate financials means who are Accredited Investors and have no need for liquidity with respect to such investments. The information you supply will be kept strictly confidential and is only for the purpose of providing you information about possible investment opportunities, if you qualify financially to review such information.

After you complete this questionnaire, we will contact you. Thank you for your interest in Marchi Real Estate Partners.

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